Einwohnerzahl New York 2020

Einwohnerzahl New York 2020 Liste der 10 größten Städte der Welt

Manhattan (New York County) hat Einwohner (Stand ) und eine Landfläche von 59,5 km². Die Gemeinde besteht hauptsächlich aus der Insel. New York (standardsprachlich (AE) [nuːˈjɔɹk], regional auch [ nuːˈjɔə̯k] oder New York hat Einwohner (Stand: Zensus ), davon sind 57,2 % Weiße, 17,5 % Afroamerikaner, 18,4 Juni um Uhr bearbeitet. New York, 21,, USA, Nordamerika. 9. São Paulo, 20,, Brasilien, Südamerika. Mexiko-Stadt, 20,, Mexiko, Nordamerika. New York City – Einwohner und Bevölkerung. von Michael Letztes Update 5. Mai 0. Teilen. New York City gilt aufgrund ihrer Bevölkerungsanzahl als. Einwohner: Menschen Fläche: ,8 km². Als Nächstes geht es in die USA, genauer gesagt in den Big Apple New York.

Einwohnerzahl New York 2020

New York, 21,, USA, Nordamerika. 9. São Paulo, 20,, Brasilien, Südamerika. Mexiko-Stadt, 20,, Mexiko, Nordamerika. Wenn die Welt eine Hauptstadt hat, dann Midtown Manhattan: Informationen über Lage, Einwohnerzahl, Stadtteile, Klima, Temperaturen, die fünf Stadtteile. Einwohner: Menschen Fläche: ,8 km². Als Nächstes geht es in die USA, genauer gesagt in den Big Apple New York. Wenn die Welt eine Hauptstadt hat, dann Midtown Manhattan: Informationen über Lage, Einwohnerzahl, Stadtteile, Klima, Temperaturen, die fünf Stadtteile. Sieben asiatische Städte sind unter den Top Ten der größten Städte der Welt. Shanghai, Tokio oder Delhi: Welche Stadt ist am größten? Doch welche Stadt hat die meisten Einwohner und welche ist die größte Längt sind es nicht mehr Paris und New York, die als Großstädte im. Wieviel Einwohner hat New York? 18,9 Millionen (in der Metropolregion). New York City hat mehr als 8 Millionen Einwohner. Das macht sie zur.

The non-English language spoken by the largest group is Spanish, which is spoken by The race most likely to be in poverty in Manhattan is Black, with The race least likely to be in poverty in Manhattan is White, with 7.

The poverty rate among those that worked full-time for the past 12 months was 2. Among those working part-time, it was The age group where males are most likely to be married is Over 65, while the female age group most likely to be married is Manhattan Demographics The racial composition of Manhattan is: White: Manhattan Neighborhoods Manhattan has some of the most affluent and well-known neighborhoods in the country.

Neighborhoods include: Harlem, which has been a large African American community since the s and was originally a Dutch village named Haarlem after a city in the Netherlands.

Midtown Manhattan is home to iconic buildings like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building and it ranks among the most commonly used pieces of real estate on earth.

Most of the skyscrapers in NYC are in Midtown. Washington Heights has many immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

Chelsea has a large gay population and is known for being a center for art and nightlife. These are the only avenues in Manhattan with single-letter names.

The area has a very long history and has been an enclave for the German, Polish, Hispanic and Jewish populations of Manhattan.

Hell's Kitchen. Officially Clinton, the origin of the name Hell's Kitchen is out of folklore. Once defined for its poverty and ethnic strife, the area is now undergoing gentrification.

The Upper East Side is mostly non-Hispanic white and it has the greatest concentration of individual wealth in Manhattan. Upper West Side is also an affluent residential area, with many residents working in Lower Manhattan or Midtown in commercial areas.

It is known for being a center for artistic workers and an intellectual hub. Greenwich Village, or the Village, is a residential neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan.

Long known for being an artists' haven, it has undergone gentrification and commercialization in recent decades.

Little Italy was once known for its high number of Italian residents, but there are now few Italians left. Italian immigrants quickly gained the financial success to leave the area and it is now on the verge of extinction.

Chinatown in Manhattan has the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western hemisphere. Manhattan History "Manhattan" comes from the name Mannahatta, or "land of many hills," from the Lenape Indians, who lived on the island.

Manhattan Facts Manhattan has the highest cost of living in the United States, but also some of the most profound income inequality in the country.

Manhattan is one of the wealthiest jurisdictions in the U. Manhattan means "island of the hills" in the language spoken by the Algonquin Indians.

Race Population Percentage White , Manhattan Population by Race. If the New York metropolitan area were a sovereign state , it would have the eighth-largest economy in the world.

New York is home to the highest number of billionaires of any city in the world. New York City traces its origins to a trading post founded by colonists from the Dutch Republic in on Lower Manhattan ; the post was named New Amsterdam in Many districts and landmarks in New York City are well known, including three of the world's ten most visited tourist attractions in Times Square is the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District , [36] one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections, [37] [38] and a major center of the world's entertainment industry.

Manhattan's real estate market is among the most expensive in the world. The city has over colleges and universities , including Columbia University , New York University , Rockefeller University , and the City University of New York system, which is the largest urban public university system in the United States.

Their homeland, known as Lenapehoking , included Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, the western portion of Long Island including the areas that would later become the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens , and the Lower Hudson Valley.

The first documented visit into New York Harbor by a European was in by Giovanni da Verrazzano , a Florentine explorer in the service of the French crown.

Hudson's first mate described the harbor as "a very good Harbour for all windes" and the river as "a mile broad" and "full of fish".

Born in Santo Domingo of Portuguese and African descent, he arrived in Manhattan during the winter of —14, trapping for pelts and trading with the local population as a representative of the Dutch.

A permanent European presence in New Netherland began in —making New York the 12th oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement in the continental United States [58] —with the founding of a Dutch fur trading settlement on Governors Island.

It extended from the lower tip of Manhattan to modern day Wall Street , where a foot wooden stockade was built in to protect against Native American and British raids.

Following the purchase, New Amsterdam grew slowly. This program had little success. In —, in an effort to bolster economic growth, the Dutch West India Company relinquished its monopoly over the fur trade, leading to growth in the production and trade of food, timber, tobacco, and slaves particularly with the Dutch West Indies.

During his tenure, the population of New Netherland grew from 2, to 8, He instituted regulations on liquor sales, attempted to assert control over the Dutch Reformed Church , and blocked other religious groups including Quakers , Jews , and Lutherans from establishing houses of worship.

In , unable to summon any significant resistance, Stuyvesant surrendered New Amsterdam to English troops, led by Colonel Richard Nicolls , without bloodshed.

Several intertribal wars among the Native Americans and some epidemics brought on by contact with the Europeans caused sizeable population losses for the Lenape between the years and New York grew in importance as a trading port while under British rule in the early s.

Slavery became integrally tied to New York's economy through the labor of slaves throughout the port, and the banks and shipping tied to the American South.

Discovery of the African Burying Ground in the s, during construction of a new federal courthouse near Foley Square , revealed that tens of thousands of Africans had been buried in the area in the colonial years.

The trial and acquittal in Manhattan of John Peter Zenger , who had been accused of seditious libel after criticizing colonial governor William Cosby , helped to establish the freedom of the press in North America.

The Stamp Act Congress met in New York in October , as the Sons of Liberty , organized in the city, skirmished over the next ten years with British troops stationed there.

The city was a haven for Loyalist refugees and escaped slaves who joined the British lines for freedom newly promised by the Crown for all fighters.

As many as 10, escaped slaves crowded into the city during the British occupation. When the British forces evacuated at the close of the war in , they transported 3, freedmen for resettlement in Nova Scotia.

The only attempt at a peaceful solution to the war took place at the Conference House on Staten Island between American delegates, including Benjamin Franklin , and British general Lord Howe on September 11, Shortly after the British occupation began, the Great Fire of New York occurred, a large conflagration on the West Side of Lower Manhattan, which destroyed about a quarter of the buildings in the city, including Trinity Church.

In , the assembly of the Congress of the Confederation made New York City the national capital shortly after the war. New York was the last capital of the U.

New York City as the U. New York interracial abolitionist activism continued; among its leaders were graduates of the African Free School.

The city's black population reached more than 16, in In the 19th century, the city was transformed by development relating to its status as a national and international trading center , as well as by European immigration.

The completion of the Erie Canal through central New York connected the Atlantic port to the agricultural markets and commodities of the North American interior via the Hudson River and the Great Lakes.

Public-minded members of the contemporaneous business elite lobbied for the establishment of Central Park , which in became the first landscaped park in an American city.

The Great Irish Famine brought a large influx of Irish immigrants; more than , were living in New York by , upwards of a quarter of the city's population.

Democratic Party candidates were consistently elected to local office, increasing the city's ties to the South and its dominant party.

In , Mayor Fernando Wood called upon the aldermen to declare independence from Albany and the United States after the South seceded, but his proposal was not acted on.

The draft riots deteriorated into attacks on New York's elite, followed by attacks on black New Yorkers and their property after fierce competition for a decade between Irish immigrants and black people for work.

Rioters burned the Colored Orphan Asylum to the ground, with more than children escaping harm due to efforts of the New York Police Department , which was mainly made up of Irish immigrants.

The black population in Manhattan fell below 10, by , which it had last been in The white working class had established dominance.

In , the modern City of New York was formed with the consolidation of Brooklyn until then a separate city , the County of New York which then included parts of the Bronx , the County of Richmond, and the western portion of the County of Queens.

In , the steamship General Slocum caught fire in the East River , killing 1, people on board. New York's non-white population was 36, in New York became the most populous urbanized area in the world in the earlys, overtaking London.

Returning World War II veterans created a post-war economic boom and the development of large housing tracts in eastern Queens and Nassau County as well as similar suburban areas in New Jersey.

New York emerged from the war unscathed as the leading city of the world, with Wall Street leading America's place as the world's dominant economic power.

The United Nations Headquarters was completed in , solidifying New York's global geopolitical influence, and the rise of abstract expressionism in the city precipitated New York's displacement of Paris as the center of the art world.

The Stonewall riots were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay community against a police raid that took place in the early morning hours of June 28, , at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.

Dynes , author of the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality , wrote that drag queens were the only "transgender folks around" during the June Stonewall riots.

In the s, job losses due to industrial restructuring caused New York City to suffer from economic problems and rising crime rates.

Important new sectors, such as Silicon Alley , emerged in the city's economy. New York City suffered the bulk of the economic damage and largest loss of human life in the aftermath of the September 11, attacks.

The North Tower became the tallest building ever to be destroyed anywhere then or subsequently. A temporary station was built and opened on November 23, The Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan began on September 17, , receiving global attention and popularizing the Occupy movement against social and economic inequality worldwide.

The city was the U. New York City partially-reopened in its first phase on June 8. That action also left bedrock at a relatively shallow depth, providing a solid foundation for most of Manhattan's skyscrapers.

The location at the mouth of the Hudson River , which feeds into a naturally sheltered harbor and then into the Atlantic Ocean, has helped the city grow in significance as a trading port.

The Harlem River , another tidal strait between the East and Hudson rivers, separates most of Manhattan from the Bronx. The Bronx River , which flows through the Bronx and Westchester County , is the only entirely freshwater river in the city.

The city's land has been altered substantially by human intervention, with considerable land reclamation along the waterfronts since Dutch colonial times; reclamation is most prominent in Lower Manhattan , with developments such as Battery Park City in the s and s.

The city's total area is Eastern Seaboard south of Maine. New York City is sometimes referred to collectively as the Five Boroughs.

There are hundreds of distinct neighborhoods throughout the boroughs, many with a definable history and character.

If the boroughs were each independent cities, four of the boroughs Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx would be among the ten most populous cities in the United States Staten Island would be ranked 37th as of ; these same boroughs are coterminous with the four most densely populated counties in the United States: New York Manhattan , Kings Brooklyn , Bronx, and Queens.

Manhattan New York County is the geographically smallest and most densely populated borough, is home to Central Park and most of the city's skyscrapers, and is sometimes locally known as The City.

Manhattan is often described as the financial and cultural center of the world. Most of the borough is situated on Manhattan Island , at the mouth of the Hudson River.

Manhattan Island is loosely divided into the Lower , Midtown , and Uptown regions. Harlem was predominantly occupied by Jewish and Italian Americans in the 19th century until the Great Migration.

It was the center of the Harlem Renaissance. The borough of Manhattan also includes a small neighborhood on the mainland, called Marble Hill , which is contiguous with the Bronx.

New York City's remaining four boroughs are collectively referred to as the O uter Boroughs. Brooklyn Kings County , on the western tip of Long Island , is the city's most populous borough.

Brooklyn is known for its cultural, social, and ethnic diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods , and a distinctive architectural heritage.

Downtown Brooklyn is the largest central core neighborhood in the Outer Boroughs. The borough has a long beachfront shoreline including Coney Island , established in the s as one of the earliest amusement grounds in the U.

Queens Queens County , on Long Island north and east of Brooklyn, is geographically the largest borough, the most ethnically diverse county in the United States, [] and the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.

Downtown Flushing has become one of the busiest central core neighborhoods in the outer boroughs. Open tennis tournament at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

Additionally, two of the three busiest airports serving the New York metropolitan area, John F. It is the location of Yankee Stadium , the baseball park of the New York Yankees , and home to the largest cooperatively owned housing complex in the United States, Co-op City.

Staten Island Richmond County is the most suburban in character of the five boroughs. New York has architecturally noteworthy buildings in a wide range of styles and from distinct time periods, from the Dutch Colonial Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House in Brooklyn, the oldest section of which dates to , to the modern One World Trade Center , the skyscraper at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan and the most expensive office tower in the world by construction cost.

Manhattan's skyline , with its many skyscrapers, is universally recognized, and the city has been home to several of the tallest buildings in the world.

The Zoning Resolution required setbacks in new buildings and restricted towers to a percentage of the lot size , to allow sunlight to reach the streets below.

The buildings have distinctive ornamentation, such as the eagles at the corners of the 61st floor on the Chrysler Building, and are considered some of the finest examples of the Art Deco style.

The character of New York's large residential districts is often defined by the elegant brownstone rowhouses and townhouses and shabby tenements that were built during a period of rapid expansion from to In neighborhoods such as Riverdale in the Bronx , Ditmas Park in Brooklyn , and Douglaston in Queens , large single-family homes are common in various architectural styles such as Tudor Revival and Victorian.

Stone and brick became the city's building materials of choice after the construction of wood-frame houses was limited in the aftermath of the Great Fire of In the s, the city required their installation on buildings higher than six stories to prevent the need for excessively high water pressures at lower elevations, which could break municipal water pipes.

According to the United States Geological Survey , an updated analysis of seismic hazard in July revealed a "slightly lower hazard for tall buildings" in New York City than previously assessed.

Scientists estimated this lessened risk based upon a lower likelihood than previously thought of slow shaking near the city, which would be more likely to cause damage to taller structures from an earthquake in the vicinity of the city.

The suburbs to the immediate north and west lie in the transitional zone between humid subtropical and humid continental climates Dfa. Winters are chilly and damp, and prevailing wind patterns that blow sea breezes offshore temper the moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean; yet the Atlantic and the partial shielding from colder air by the Appalachian Mountains keep the city warmer in the winter than inland North American cities at similar or lesser latitudes such as Pittsburgh , Cincinnati , and Indianapolis.

The daily mean temperature in January, the area's coldest month, is Spring and autumn are unpredictable and can range from cool to warm, although they are usually mild with low humidity.

Summers are typically hot and humid, with a daily mean temperature of Nighttime temperatures are often enhanced due to the urban heat island effect.

The city receives Average winter snowfall between and has been Hurricanes and tropical storms are rare in the New York area.

The coldest month on record is January , with a mean temperature of The coldest year is , with a mean temperature of The wettest month was August , with The driest year on record is , with The wettest year was , with The snowiest season Jul—Jun on record is —, with The least snowy season was —, with 2.

The latest seasonal trace of snowfall occurred on May 9, in both and See Climate of New York City for additional climate information from the outer boroughs.

See or edit raw graph data. Hundreds of private properties are listed on the National Register of Historic Places or as a National Historic Landmark such as, for example, the Stonewall Inn , part of the Stonewall National Monument in Greenwich Village , as the catalyst of the modern gay rights movement.

Brooklyn is home to Fort Hamilton , the U. The facility was established in on the site of a small battery utilized during the American Revolution , and it is one of America's longest serving military forts.

It also houses the th Transportation Brigade, the nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron, and a military entrance processing station. Other formerly active military reservations still utilized for National Guard and military training or reserve operations in the city include Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island and Fort Totten in Queens.

Census; [] [] — U. Census; []. Civil War, the number of blacks declined over a decade. They are as follows:. Looking at the population from ; there is a certain growth of 0.

On average, every year the population grows by 0. Additionally, the population in is expected to be As per conclusion, the population of New York in is Although English is the main language spoken in workplaces, school, and colleges; but outside that many other languages are spoken in the form of Hindi, Urdu, French, Spanish, German and others.

The population growth was superior in the past but somehow in recent years, it has slowed down in compared to its standard pace.

It used to be the 4th populous state but got surpassed by Florida. Anyway, it does enjoy a steady population growth and it is expected that the pace will further go higher and bringing in more people to the state in the years to come.

New York City for various reasons is the most populated in the United States.

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Einwohnerzahl New York 2020 Video

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